Cable Glands  

BW Cable Gland

CW Cable Gland  
  E1W Cable Gland  
  A2, A1/A2 Cable Gland  
  PG Cable Gland  
  Alco Cable Gland  
  Marine Cable Gland  
  TRS Cable Gland  
  Wiping Gland  
                                 Equipotential Bonding Bars
                                 Line Tap Shrouds
                                 Hot Line Clamps Bronze
                                 Tank Ground Connectors
                                 Single Groove Ground Clamps
                                 Sanitary Fittings and Pipe Fittings

Hex Nipple  



Brass Stop Plug  

Extension Piece  

Brass Tank Connector  
  Cable Glands Accessories
    Brass Building Hardware

Brass Door Handles  

Brass  Hinges

Brass Knobs  

Brass Aldrops  

Split Bolt

Flexible Adaptor

Brass Male Female Bushes

Brass Neutral Links

Brass Clamps

Brass Battery Terminals
Precision Turned Brass Parts

Precision Turned Brass Item1  

Brass Male Female Inserts for PPR,
CPVC Plastic fittings

Precision Turned Brass Item2 Brass Battery Terminals
Anchor Brass for Pool Covers
Anchor Brass1
Earthing and Lightning Protection
Test Clamp Water Pipe Clamp
Ridge Saddle Water Pipe Clamps
Heavy Duty Cast Saddle Water Pipe Hub Clamp
  Rod to Tape Clamp Water Pipe Hub Clamps
DCTape Clip   Water Pipe Clamp
Square Conductor Clamp Water Pipe Hub Clamp
Square Tape Clamp Rod to Cable Clamp
Split Bolt "U" Bolt Rod Clamp
Copper Bonded Air Rod Rod Bracket
Oblong Test or Juction Clamp Watermain-Bond
B-Bond Rod to Cable Clamp
RWP-Bond Air Base Terminal
Rod to Tape Coupling DC Tape Clip
Glanging Bar Holdfast Air Base Terminal
Square Tape Clamp ROD TO CABLE CLAMP
Thread Round Coupling Air Rod Jointing Rod to Cable Clamp
Thread Hex Coupling Air Rod Jointing Rod to Cable Clamp
Cable Lugs
Copper Terminals
Alluminum Terminals
Terminal Ends & Lugs
Copper Ferrules
Inline Connectors
Insulated / Non Insulated Terminals
Reducer Joints

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